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Short content of Diology: It"s called life"

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    Краткое содержание дилогии "Называется жизнь" на английском языке, выполнено для участия в 33-ем Парижском Книжном Салоне . sýnopsis was in fail of documentation for participants at Paris 33 - SALON DU LIVRE

  •    Short content of Diology: It"s called life"
       These two books ("Presumption of Guilt" and "It"s called life") with the same main characters in Russian we called dilodgy). The main characters of fiction part of the novels: Inga Sergeevna. and her family: husband, Alexander Dmitrievich., daughter Anna (Anuta) son in law Igor , academic Kirill Vsevolodovich Ostangov, childhood friends Nonna, Lina and others. All characters are collective and reflect the groups of prototypes who unite most revealing trait of this class of people about whom this books.
       In the first novel author applies her former scientific experience and knowledge to fiction which born a genre as "book in the book " where alongside fictional characters act real people, well-known persons as the former SSSP President M.Gorbachev, his wife Raisa Gorbacheva, (included author"s impression about meeting with her on Conference in Moscow in 1988) Y. Andropov , World known academicians A.Aganbegiyan, T. Zaslavskaya (included authors" experience about working with them in Academy of science) and others."
       For representing author"s research about Gorachev in fiction novel she "granted" it as assay "Gorbachev and his revolution" to main character Inga Sergeevna. This is a special 60-ty pages self-sufficient historical, sociological research in genre ("book in book)( included as separate chapter "Basic and perestroika" in the novel presents a deep, based on archival documents, media publications , author's personal diaries ) point of view about the ideological atmosphere prior of Gorbachev's appearance on the peak of power, inability of intellectuals and humanitarian science to making professional suggestion for Gorbachev to help him to make the right solution along urgent problems of the country in the dramatic period of it's history.
       This part of book should be very helpful now because people forgot or sometime did not known deeply about his achievement for changing his country to transparency, friendship to external World. "Presumption of guilt" should help them to remember in details what Gorbachev start, what he made. Author clearly appeals for appreciation to this special for XX century person. Specialty of "Presumption of Guilt"- that"s politologist- journalistic analysis about Gorbachev"s activity included in the fiction novel make it easy to be understanding by very wide audience of readers- from high level intellectual to ordinary householder.
       . Author spend four years (from total 8 years, which she spend for writing this novel) for this 60-ty pages which author selected from 900 pages what she wrote just about this topic.
       Presumption of guilt It is a novel about the history of Soviet sociology, fate of Russian intelligentsia, humanitarian scientists, their inclusion into social processes, their hopes, illusions, and disappointments at the time from Crusher"s reform to Gorbachev"s perestroika . In historical and fictional plots the author addresses the "main theme of the novel [which is] the responsibility of [scientific] intelligentsia for society and the responsibility of society for intelligentsia." In this conception naturally blend in this book the historical and sociological analysis of the phenomenon of the world famous science center in Siberia -- Akademgorodok, what made this book very special because in this genre this this is just one book with this subject.
       The Academgorodok"s residents called this book as the "occurrence" and send to author appreciation for her forces to made this job what nobody did not made yet. The valuable of this part of book that it's could to be used as a primary source for research about this phenomenon. (http://vn.ru/index.php?id=53816) http://www.navigato.ru/number/178/publication/5206 It is become possible because at the author"s face are united three hypostasis: the first-she is spending near thirty years of her life in Akademgorodok be involved in all details of its life, by her daily life. The second - she developed in this place her successful academic career as sociologist - researcher, and was deeply involved it Academgorodok"s scientific life and scientifically organizing activity. And the third- she is a writer, who can reflect all her knowledge about Akademgorodok in the appropriate scientific and literary text.
       One of famous Russian journalist, Zamira Ibragimova in her detailed review in main Academgorok"s newspaper about novel wrote that it is a "sincere and honest book, a diary of personal reflections and tribulations within the chronicle of historical events." (http://www-sbras.nsc.ru/HBC/2003/n08/f19.html)
       The titles of each chapter of Presumption of guilt very special because they content the wording from the main philosophical category FIRST NOVEL: "Presumption of Guilt" (sociological novel)
       The First Part.
       Chapter 1.
       Being Of Non-Existence
       Inga Sergeevna is a woman of rare beauty, intelligence, hardworking, purposeful is appearing to the readers at the late 80's, being on top of success and prosperity. She and her husband - the scientists. He is professor mathematician, she - a philosopher. Now she came to Moscow from Akademgorodok for her doctorate.
    &nbnbsp sp;& Quotation from the book. "It was a beautiful autumn morning. Rare in Moscow for this time of year the warm weather gave special charm and romanticism to the nature. Slim brunette came out from the hotel and walked a few steps to a busy highway, tried with graceful hand movement to catch a taxi. Within fifteen minutes no one car stopped and she decided to go to the nearest bus stop. The bus came up empty, and she could take any of convenient seats inside the cabin. She take place in the middle of the cabin, to protect herself from having to give its seat to the disabled, the elderly, parents with children. The feeling of comfort from the soft movement seized her, and she relaxed, leaned back, and closed her eyes, trying to distract the mind from coming event. Perhaps she could even take a nap because she startled flinched, feeling like something heavy fall down on her shoulder. Looking up, she saw that the bus which a few minutes ago was half-empty, now crammed. On her shoulder was a large palm of youngish but immensely thick, untidy woman with few bags different sizes . In response to Inga Sergeevna questioning look fat woman screamed in ungrammatical language. "What you are looking on me? You did not understand how terrible for me to stay in this crazy bus?" Realizing what was happening, brunette jumped up from her seat, saying apologetically: "Please, sit down." Because of overcrowding in the bus she could not move anywhere, and passing brawler, was forced to stand there, holding for the armrest of her former seat. Meanwhile fat woman situated comfortably continued "philosophize" loud for the whole bus: "Look on her! She in these velvets should be in taxi. And this nasty perfume... This smell should return my allergy. What awful the youth now! My daughter told me about "Intergirl"-the currency prostitute. It is the time when they usual returning from their job. I sure that she is earned enough money this night for a taxi" ... "Culprit" could not concentrate on something. In stuffy bus was terribly uncomfortable to stand on high heels and she felt that ached all at once: the back, and legs, and head... Suddenly she found at the window that the sun, which ten minutes ago inspired optimism and joy of life, absolutely disappeared and streets behind the window look dark, gloomy. When the bus arrived at the proper stop, she left the "hell" out from the bus. At the one second a thick wall of rain sweep over her, ruining glamor of her hairstyle; disfiguring shiny velvet coat, luxurious boots suede and expensive stylish bag. Five - seven minutes to walk towards of academic institute, seemed to her an eternity. Because of the deceptive morning autumn sun she did not take an umbrella and so meekly gave oneself to the power of natural forces."....
    &nbnbsp sp;&
    &nbnbsp sp;& After 10-15 minutes Inga Sergeevna in the college"s office at the Academician institute. Quotation from the book text
    &nbnbsp sp;& After a few minutes of rest, drank strong coffee, regained her hairstyle, makeup, she open the folder with her speech,-presentation of her dissertation. ..But she could not concentrate. She walked to the door to get out, but paused, unable to get rid of the embarrassment and annoyance of the incident in the bus. This feeling was similar to what we experience at the banquet, reception, theater, or in another crowded celebration, suddenly finding a spot in evening dress. And now she felt within herself something like a dirty spot, in her soul which suppressed and poisoned awareness solemnity of coming event:to defense doctor degree dissertation.......
       The Brilliant full doctorate defense is successfully finished. .. Xxxxx ...Inga Sergeevna in the train rides to the Moscow suburban residence, where her daughter Annie stays with her family. Tired she leaned to the window. Quotation from the book text: "At a moment she mentally ran through three hundred pages of her dissertation.... It is nice - she thought - that now, at perestroika time I thrown away a huge amount of pages of the "bluffing "" about comprehensive development of the personality of the Soviet man. Could I don"t understand that it is falsification? So, maybe this fat troublemaker in the bus was not so unveracious, calling me Intergirl"...Prostitute selling their bodies, but Soviet humanitarian sold their souls, creative aspirations ..."
    &nbnbsp sp;& Chapter 2. Non-Existence Of Being
    &nbnbsp sp;& Doctorate degree, new prospects, hopes - all poisoned for Inga Sergeevna because her daughter"s family are unhappy. Anna, her husband Igor, a young scientist, 3 years old child all live in one room in dirty, uncared dormitory in small town near Moscow. Unfinished scientific institute, which attracted them few years ago, now falling apart because traditional socialist system of financial support for science changed during the perestroika. Young family lost hope for the future in a decent condition of life, creative, career and do not views any other choice besides to move to United States. This is an unexpected blow to the mother at the height of hers success as a person, as a woman, as a scientist. But daughter explaining to mother: "I do not know what awaits us there. But what we can do, this country does not need us; I'm afraid for my child. I was in Leningrad, where all all around in fear because of activity of anti-Semitic "Society, "Memory."
       Xxxxx xxxxxxx
       Chapter 3
    &nbnbsp sp;& This chapter is full of events that determine a lot of the topics of the characters' life. p Xxxxxxx
       Before flying home to Novosibirsk after visiting daughter Inga Sergeevna stayed in hotel which as usual reserving for scientists, which arrive to Moscow from different part of Soviet Union. Accidentally she meets there sociologists -colleagues from the beginning of her career. Happy for meeting they organized "sociological party" in the room of one of them. Typical for soviet intelligentsia style of discussion or in kitchen, or in some small room of somebody. Heated debates, memories about history of soviet sociology, how they tried in non-freedom conditions to learn and declare the real problem about people's life, their hopes and about role of real influential persons in politics, scientific and sociology. Quotation from the book text:
    &nbnbsp sp;& Yurii talking: "We sociologists everything should have understood, because society - this is the subject of our research Look at each of us, look! We are without fingers, without fingertips! Why? Because we are sucked them for the evidence for this "developed socialism". We even are calling this concept as the biggest achievement of philosophical thought. We had almost proved that almost tomorrow it will be developed to communism...."
       Discussion goes to midnight,...Vadim talking :
    &nbnbsp sp;& " Dear friends we are to much seriously today, taking into account that among of us only one woman, our beauty Inga... -Yes, yes, - Sergey added, - I am agreeing with Vadim. Bur fore l finishing the serious topic I want remind you one merry story which happened when Inga defended her master degree a lot of time ago. At the banquet after ceremony, professor Fedorov pronounced the toast. Who from you remembering? Nobody? OK, I will repeated it now: " My friends - professor Fedorov started.- Just look: all science has a feminine gender: sociology, biology, mathematics , history, physics and so on . But just only one of them has a masculine gender. And this "gentlemen" seminude all of this "ladies. You know who is this? Of course, you know -it is Marxism -Leninism! Marxism -Leninism! " " -Everybody burst out laughing. -Of course I remember this story and its end. Told Andrew.- What, what about the end? - asked Sergey After short pause Andrew continued -When professor Fedorov finished, somebody of the banquet"s participant quietly gave the next comment "But all these women secretly attempting be unfaithful for that "fruitful male"
       -O, my God! It was a dangerous, sedition at that time! A before In Stalin"s time the author or pronouncer of tis text undoubtedly would be shoot. Who was that daredevil? - Asked Vadim, - how was a reaction? -fortunately it was no any reaction because most of participant to that time become enough drunk, some did not listen.... "
     &(This discussion and further near 30 pages is one of the simple (from few across the book of special kind of L Matros"s presentation historical analysis in genre ( "book in book" )by which author provided to the readers the view about social and political processes , about the atmosphere in Akademgorodok at that time). After the of "sociology party" was finished Inga return to her hotel"s room and found behind her one of the participant- handsome successful Moscow professor Vadim for whom Inga was big dream love in youngest time at their sociological carrier. Now he more declares about his grate love to Inga and proposed her to be with him. He is ready to divorce and could be with Inga to realize her dream to live in her favorite place in the World- Moscow. But for Inga the main -her family, her husband< her daughter's happiness and she categorically reject Vadim.
       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ....
       On the way to home in Akademgorodok from Moscow, Inga S. in the aircraft unexpected found at the seat on left the famous academic "Academician among Academics" Ostangov Kirill Vsevolodovich, who also returns home after a business trip from Moscow to Akademgorodok where he is director of one of the 25 academician institute in Akademgorodoc.He widower and approximately 10-12 years older that Inga. Previously, they intersected at some conferences, meetings, but were not familiar. ...Intellectual discussion about current issues during whole flight prompted the mutual sympathy to each other and deep interest to Inga Sergeevna from Octangov. ....
      . Returning to the work, at first day in the office Inga S. suddenly gets a call from childhood friend Lina. She lives in Akademgorodok, as Inga, from the initial stage of her family life. But in opposite with Inga she dedicated herself to her family, husband"s scientist 'career, raised four children. Twenty-five years ago, the tragic events occurred at pregnant lina's, housewarming, finished with loss of baby by Lina and a rupture between friends (Inga, Nonna, Lina) which just up to days, with which the novel begins.(It"s the end of the 80 St.)
      . Now after 25 years sense of hopelessness pushes Lina turn to old friend for advice. At the meeting, Lina said Inga of her trouble: her husband, being a long business trip in the U.S.. Some time he visit the emigrant's party and unexpected met the Nona"s (who long time ago emigrated) daughter beautiful Asia, fell in love with her and now asked her visit him in Akademgorodok.....
       Shortly Inga S. receives an invitation from academic Octangov to make a speech presentation in seminar in institute's where he is director.This Inga Sergeevna's lecture , entitled "The responsibility of society's to intelligentsia's and responsibility intelligentsia's to society" also as a sample of L .Matros"s genre ( book in book ) by which author provided to the readers a historical overview about the views of authorities in the field of law and policy about application the principle "presumption of guilt" and "presumption of innocence" in realty.
       Chapter 4. Outside of the time
       After various difficulties and perepeteia, the daughter"s family finds ways to move to the United States. This way was finding by Alersandr Dmitrievich (Inga S." husband- Anuta"s father). With his initiative American professor and colleague of Alexander Dmitrievich invited Igor to work in his department in the University.
       XXXXXX Moscow after some time after seeing off daughter. Inga S. alone because her husband in business trip. In anguish, sadness and worries about daughter future. She is waiting for the elevator in the hotel lobby. By chance she encounters Ostangov, who also stay in this hotel... Dinner together at a restaurant. It's as pure friendly meeting, the conversation about the fate of intellectuals, of science, about actual events and people, such as Gorbachev, famous academician.
       Chapter 5. Basis and Perestroika:
       By her status in social life and high level of science position Inga S. participant at the Ёїlite forums, seminars, conferences , where participant try to conceptualize sense of what is happening at present time and future of the country. This prompts her to write the essay on the topic: "Gorbachev and his revolution"(see beyond) the assay she finished with verdict for humanitarian science. Quotation from the essay "Gorbachev and his revolution" (see above) "And how to define the criteria of fidelity theories of social processes. For example, the socialist idea! How many minds were involved by it in many centuries? But can we humanitarian say that the theoretical studies in this area have contributed to the understanding of what is true and what is false in this idea? Which from those ideas helped humanize the lives of people, their social security, balancing interests, equality of opportunities, or conversely, led to the hopeless injustice, abusive dignity? And why in the country, which celebrating the seventh decade of life under the banner of this idea, its new leader, started perestroika under the motto: "We are should not live like that "? What we should to do in future? Who will tell this country, which all the time making the experiments with herself, and then at failures arrive to final with traditional Russian question "Who Is Guilty) and "What to Do?" The head of the country need a team of expert professionals, intellectuals, which should be a think tank. But in whose face? What kind of professionals, what profession: Economists, sociologists, philosophers, political scientists? But for today is visible clear that the humanities are not withstood the test of the ability to do something concrete, when it was required of it. We"ll let"s give indulgence to ours "socialist" humanities, shackled with chains previously ideology. But where are the achievements of the world humanities science? Who predicted and gave an analysis of how to prevent the great social upheaval on the XX century? Natural and engineering sciences have changed the face of the planet; have transformed all aspects of her life! This is their result... .. And what we are humanitarian made? We have not even worked out a system of humanitarian principles of use of scientific and technical progress, and occasionally its fruits are often bringing contrary result. What have we done to improve society, what we have done to eliminate envy, hatred, abandoned children, drug addiction, and crime? Where are our social "theory of relativity", "theory of small particle" and "conservation of energy"? All era society spends a great deal for maintenance humanitarian. We do not produce in the material sphere. But if our work does not bring significant for the society of fruit in the spiritual realm, did we are needed?"
       Chapter 6. Freedom in the need
       Summer is the end of 80 - Inga S. was with her husband at friend"s dacha (summer house in environs Novosibirsk) This is the first Alexzander Dmitrievich group of friends - colleagues which home he share the hostel when he start work in Novosibirsk after graduation in Odessa. This the representatives of engineering and technical intelligentsia, for twenty-five year period from the beginning of their professional career after college acquired the status of leaders in various fields of Novosibirsk industry. Now they are, dropping regalia as in youth, for having fun, joke; tell stories and jokes, and of course discussing about the real events in the country.
       Chapter 7. Outside of the universe
       Inga S. in Leningrad at the conference, where the unfolding debate on current events in the country, the fate of perestroika, about Gorbachev and Yeltsin. At that conference unexpected for her take part Ostangov. Now he did not want to miss the chance...-confession of love.... Love scene in his suite in the hotel, his passionate declaration of love.
       Chapter 8. Outside of the space
       Fortunately in early August 1991, Alexander Dmitrievich had opportunity to be in business trip in the United States. This is opened to the parent"s opportunity to have a meeting with the daughter"s families after their departure six month ago. America. The joy to see young family's good life which looking as big contrast after four years living in dirty hostel near Moscow and without perspective for better life.... .In USA they have a lot very interesting evens and meetings with American and former soviet intellectual. They found different level of life and different level of life satisfaction in material and spiritual aspects of life. One of the main story in this chapter -the picnic which at the back yard house of professor Fleming, the Igor"s chief who invited Igor for the job one year ago. Happened that professor Fleming is a friend of Bob, the Nona"s husband. This is why Nona also there. She lives in prosperity, finally, after the ordeal, having arranged her life by marrying with nice prosperous American. And happened unexpected meeting Inga and Nonna. These friends since youth was separated 25 Years ago by dramatic event during Lina"s (third friend) housewarming party. Nona opens to Inga all the details of that tragic night. The guilty t was Lina"s husband Oleg which now, to her misfortune, fell in love with her beautiful scampish daughter Asia. She was finding him in the emigrants" company when he was in a long trip to New York. Nonna, who lives with her daughter in different American states, had no idea until recently that the new Asia"s boyfriend (about whom she told mom on the phone), the same Oleg, the husband of Lina." This womanizer Oleg, as Nonna told - terrible role play in my fate. 25 years ago in Lina's housewarming party he found me in empty room and started solicit me behind the back of his pregnant, loving wife and all guests". "I was tried resist, break away from his hands and at that moment Lina opened the door...And all this time she thought tha it was my guilt? That I wanted her husband. For me it was real unfair drama because with this stress was delivered to hospital and did not wonted to look on me. But the most tragic outcome of this story is that she lost her baby..." The final days of travel. Anya agitates parents to remain in the U.S. because at that 1991 everybody affair about situation in Russia< about of the threat of a new "iron curtain" ... Reply parents - a categorical denial: they have gained too much: successes, brilliant career, and position in society. Inga's refusal still has a major (secret) reason for it: a secret, late love for man, embodying the youthful dreams of a charming prince.
       Chapter 9.
       Who's who?
       Inga S. and her husband returned to Moscow from America at August 17, 1991. At the Airport they see Lina"s husband Oleg, who happily and eagerly greets flown the same flight a young beauty, who look the similarity as Nona. And they understand that it is the same Asia Nona/s daughter, the Lina/s husband lover. August 19th at the early morning. Happiness and joy for Inga Sergeevna. Daughter in very nice conditions. She again in her favorite Institute, with favorite study. And ahead is the dizzy perspective at the career. And ... Ostangov, a meeting with whom will come after his return from a long expedition, about after a month. But the feeling of happiness suddenly destroyed by disturbing news about the disease Gorbachev... Lina"s husband"s mistress Asia, seized by fear and panic, "forgetting" about love, she requires from Oleg that he immediately sent her home to the United States. She and her mother was so much humiliation and have so many difficulties before they receive the permission to leave Russia for moving to USA ... And now she didn"t want of getting stuck in this unpredictable country. Oleg"s very emotional pleas to her do not press on, waiting little bit while he would be collect currency< because in rubles they could not buy emergency ticket// But she was steadfast .... It's all happening in front of Lina. Oleg did not withstand the stress and die of a heart attack In these days, with the fear of the possible to close the borders (as it was at the cold War) and accordingly untimely separation from daughter, Inga S. and her husband are taking invitation for job in USA, delivered by telephone from his American colleagues..
       Chapter 10.
       Outside of being.
       Inspired by coming meeting with beloved, Academic Kirill Ostangov (without any suspicion about Inga S"s decision) returns after a two-month expedition. At first evening at home he invites Inga Sergeevna. Passionately, excitedly he try to explain how he love her, how he missed her during this two month in expedition; how he wonted she became his wife and moved with him to her dream- city Moscow where he received invitation for highest Position in Academy of science. But fate make very different. As very clever person< he understated what happened with Inga by her first word< but as the officials person, he concentrate all his forces to close his real feeling. Inga S. leaves his house without any feeling with empty soul. But at the second day she understands that she lost all life dreams. She tried to call him< but the secretar answer that he urgently goes away for long time....
       Chapter 11. The law of transition denying to the struggle of opposites.
       August the coup is over. But the mechanism of moving is running out. Fees, accompanied by doubts, anxieties. After two month Inga Sergeevna sadly packing for moving to USA.With the aim to answer to herself the question,( what is this, what happened in her life) Inga Sergeevna start to watching a documentary video for those days in August, reads the press, notes. And there author present (as a genre book in book) to readers the real historic review by documentary pictures with commentary and analysis of events prior to August 19, during the coup, and the days following it. ...
       PART TWO
       the composition of the second part of the novel "Presumed Guilt" is constructed in such a way that the stories of the living of the characters are presented in reverse order of chronology. That is why in the beginning of the chapter "The Republic of Utopia" we find the characters of the plane after the 1991 coup. In the chapter Pepublica Utopia- about development of Akademgorodok from beginning at 50-st to august 1991; The Chapter- "Treasure Island" - the end of the '60s, starting life in Akademgorodok. In the chapter "Sannikov Land" - the beginning of the 60s, Novosibirsk, at the onset of family life. At the chapter "City of Sun" - Odessa, childhood and youth in the postwar years to the early 60s.
       Chapter 1.
       The Republic "Utopia"
       At the begging of this chapter Inga S. and her husband at the aircraft at the way to USA... For spending time, she started to read some of Academgorodok"s newspaper she found the big white empty space. She cannot understand what this is. And in the next issue it was explanations: The journalists was ashamed to publish the document about Siberian scientist"s reaction during the August coup and this is why they left empty space at the first page of newspaper at that tragic days.. Inga Sergeevna look on this write spot which transforming into mirror/ at that mirror appear the all history of Akademgorodok which written as imitation of famous book "Utopia". (1516) by utopian philosopher Tomas Mor. (see beyond) The conclusion about experience of republic Utopia: ""Akademgorodok -it is Khrushchev"s child, fruit of his dream to build the land of freedom and democracy for science. But it is as utopia to have free and democratically island inside no free a democratically country.....
       Chapter 2.
       Island of Treasure
       This chapter about initial time of Inga"s living in Akademgorodok which collect the best yang scientist from the best univercities and the best, most famous experienced scientists from all part of Soviet Union. The social structure of science population at that time in Akademgorodok look as there only "generals and soldiers" with unique perspectives for "soldiers". Everything new- buildings, romantically style of life and intellectual intercourse during job time and after with singing around the campfire near river. For Inga its look as the Island of Treasure. It is 25 years ago from the begging of story are first pages of the novel. Inga with her second husband Alexzander in the initial path of family life in. The joys and conflict I n the construction of family relationships, the problems of everyday life, care for child with a combination of dedication to science, In this chapter author returning readers to the whole story of the conflict (which intrigues the reader from the first pages of the book where the conflict is only mentioned) twenty-five years ago between friends (Inga, Lina and Nonna) during the Lina"s housewarming party
       Chapter 3.
       Sannikov Land.
       This title author using as a symbol (Sannikov Land (Russian: ???Ц?Ю?Э?с ?і?С?Я?Я?Ъ?Ь?а?У?С) was a phantom island in the Arctic Ocean. It"s supposed existence became something of a myth in 19th-century) Young Inga from Odessa arrived in Novosibirsk, in connection with the first marriage. Getting used to the new living conditions. Jealousy from her first husband. Boris... The conflict comes to divorce. In the hour of despair, a chance encounter of school years admirer Sasha, who was also among the romantics of the sixties, has chosen Siberia as a place to start the carrer.New love, marriage< moving to Akademgorodok- (20 miles from Novosibirsk)
       Chapter 4.
       City of Sun
       Odessa postwar childhood the warmth, cheerfulness sunny city, the sea; give a sense of childhood joy and happiness, in spite of the appalling poverty. School. Purely paternal attention to her by teacher"s Ukrainian literature-class supervisor. In the soul of a young girl it is responds by first dream of love.
       Chapter 5.
       Inside Of The Clouds.
     &n bsp .. Inga S. and her husband in a plane at the end the way to America. Where she "watches in mirror" the history of Academgorodok.On landing she dozed, and when her husband recalls her that it is time to fasten the belt she in half-asleep in embarrassment asked: "It is really that we are already landing? But we just fly up? This is just content of last chapter, which consists only a few lines. It finished with question: what will be happen with them in their life in new land: they will fly up in their creativity, carrier, condition of life or they will wingless landing losing all their achievement from the former life. Yes, characters thanks to their talent, hard work, high soared to their success in careers. And what awaits them across the ocean: These issues have been the subject of many letters from readers who recommended author to write continuation... And it is taken 7 years and in 2007 the second novel "It's Called Life" appeared. . So, for this two novels author spend 15th years. At the novel "It is called Life" also included some sociological researches (including comparison between different waves of Russian emigration).In this book take place author"s generalization about the fortune of intellectual in emigration where the fate of the main character as a example. This is given to rider the picture about of image, style of life of different group of Russian immigrants.Famouse Russian writer Prashkevich in his letter to the author (published with his permission on L. Matros's site)wrote that review about immigrant"s life as made by L.Matros in her book did not made by any other writer's who write about this topic. whdd>  
     &n XXXXXXXX IT IS CALLED LiFE (sociological novel)
     &n . . The title of this book - taken from the text of the famous song from popular movie "Sannikov Land" "There is only a moment between past and future and this moment is called life"
       The novel start with prolog in which author reflect Dejavu ( parallel) in fortune of different generation of intellectual in Russia. In this dream she is on the "Philosophical ship" . "Philosophical ship" it is realty well-known topic of Russian's after revolution history. "Philosophy Ship ", known as the dramatically episode about expulsion of intelligentsia - the operation of the Soviet power for removal from social life and forced deportation abroad the Russia influential philosophers, economists, literatures and other representative from Russian intellectual elite . That was realized by the initiative of Lenin (in 1922-1923.)In the framework of conception about strengthen the fight against dissent. And now in her dream Inga Sergeevna at that ship. She sees all this legendary persons. She as a philosopher wanted to be with them. But she afraid that they will not want to connect with her because they at this ship by force and she of her own free will. But the question: It really that she there of her own free will? And unexpectedly to her come one of the most famous philosophers Pitirim Sorokin... (1889- 1968). He reflecting exiting love to her...He explains to her what happened, he want to give to her soul comport...He passionately kiss her...She feels heat on her lips from his lips. . Chapter 1 But she wake and understand that this heat just the reflection from ray of sun from the window across the drape in her dark bedroom. In realty full of loneliness, a sense of needless to anyone. This prolog at few pages, very emotional topic in novel.
       xxxxxx Luxury home in a small University town. In the plump housewife difficult to recognize former brilliant women -Inga Sergeevna. Without English, without any friends, colleges of her profession, she did not found the job< intellectual contact< did not found herself in new life and became uninteresting even to her husband, who very successful with his job in University. Now she performs her husband's order - to prepare home-reception for his colleagues from Russia. In one of them with the naked eye it is not difficult to guess the sympathy to her by Alexander Dmitrievich....
       In the opposite direction changes the fate of Lina, who still lives in Akademgorodok. After recovering from her husband's death, she found herself in the New Russia, sitting in the company, where she was given the opportunity to learn English and become a profession in patent law. New incentives life returned her to her former beauty and attractiveness, self-confidence. Sympathetic to her the company"s president tells Lina that he will send her together with the Vice President on a business trip to the United States for talks with partners.
       Externally beautiful life Nonna and her daughter Asia in the United States pressed by load of sin, which carries Asia, when, they realizes that Oleg had died because of the stress to which she had plunged him during the coup in Russia. She graduated from medical school to care people for sick away to wash herself from the sin. Nona suffers from the fact that a beautiful daughter, lost interest for a full life. Annie, daughter of Inga, before so dreamed of going to America, falls in love with the New Russia and eager to get back to where her husband Igor opens his business, abandoning scientific careers.
       Chapter 2 A growing body of evidence leaves Inga with no doubt that her husband is unfaithful her with a young, beautiful colleague from Russia, Svetlana, who regularly comes to a business trip to the department of University where Alexzander Dmitrievich works. Lina is preparing for a trip to the U.S. Nonna, concerned about loneliness Asia, organized the picnics at her home, on which her American husband Bob invites his friends. Among them - a successful, attractive, with Russian roots and speaking Russian Mike. Mike in the power of freedom after a divorce and did not planning to marry. But the charm, beauty of Asia does not leave him and soon Asia begins to live in his house as a lover.
       Chapter 3 Inga in despair, decide to visit her daughter Anuta in another city of USA before the daughter"s family moving to Russia... Nonna and Asia concerned about the fact that Mike does not offer to Asia to become his official wife, and they develop a plan to encourage Mike to make the resolve. At that time, Lina in America in business trip in company where top manager is that same Mike. By the irony of fate he really and very deep full in love with Lina. She Conquer him by transparency natural and her maternity< which was reflected during their conversation. The big intrigue in this situation that Lina did not suspect that Mike the men with whom sleep Nona- the women who broken her happiness seven years ago> and Mike did not suspect tha the women with whom he fall in love and plain marriage is former five of Nona"s former lover.
       Chapter 4 Inga at daughter"s house. Anuta and her husband have a nice active life, good Russian and American friends, One of them Mike as friend of organizer this picnic invites also a that picnic/ It is will happened at the day before Lina"s departure home from America"s and Mike invite her to be with him. Lina did not known nothing about this American tradition> about people who will be in that picnic. And it is happened: by coincidence, all three friends: Inga, Lina, Nonna find themselves and each other there... The event become full with dramatic and Hona understand that she lost Mike and she in opposite as 7 years ago situation: as before she take Lina"s husband< now Lina without intention by fate"s dictates take Nona"s favorite man with whom she return her dream to have a family and children.. For Inga this picnic open new page of life by meeting with yang man -a nephew of her from student's time friend Rita with whom she did not have any meetings since graduating. Mike, Gregory and Rita new major character in the second part of the Diology. Chapter 5 Inga returned home from a daughter, husband on a business trip to Russia with his mistress. Inga desperately looking for ridding yourself of loneliness, even attempts to get a job in a restaurant dishwasher. Some time she star think to return to Russia< for may be founding Ostangov. He became older and may be needed her taking into account how he loves her. But it is happened tha in one of reception she met very beautiful and successful women who in business trip for month in USA. The takins a lot on their native Russian. And become as friend. This women give Inga her address in Moscow and invite Inga to visit her in new apartment with her new lovely< husband. When Inga looks on the address and women"s new family name in was Ostangov... Plus to this Inga falls into different, sometimes dramatic situations: a car accident, fighting a burglar at home, Asia is recovering from the shock after picnic, and return to New York. Lina met in Moscow with working there, her favorite son, Alexei, similar to his father Oleg. He's a doctor, a surgeon, and he introduce to mother his girlfriend KCUSHA in which Lina dreaming to see her future grandchildren"s mother.
       Chapter 6 this, it does not particularly significant events in the life of the characters.
       Chapter 7 Inga is in solitude and despair. The bell rings. This is Rita .Her nephew Gregory told her a lot about meeting with Inga in picnic. He has a grate impression about her and Rita invites Inga to visit Rita in her luxury house in New York. For Inga it is as a present for life-saving Lina at her work in Novosibirsk and director informing her that represantive from American company which she visited will come to Novosibirsk for discussion about new project. And Lina found that that representative it is Mike.
       Chapter 8 Inga"s daughter Annie in Moscow. Inga watches in TV news that in Moscow happened terrorist attacks. She insisted that daughter should return to a peaceful, prosperous America, which did not know about any sinister attacks. Mike in Siberia, Very nice meetings with Lina"s friend. Mike completed their rendezvous with proposal to Lina to be his wife. Asia returned to New York. Working in a hospital/ She lost the hope, to have a family and her near 40 age push her thinking about adopting a child from Russia.
       PART TWO Chapter 1
       this chapter is all about Inga"s visit in Rita"s house in New York. Rita has long divorce with her husband. She lives in prosperity, which gives her job as a real estate agent. She is not happy with her son, but adores her nephew Gregory prosperous, with whom she closes friends, even though he lives in another state. Rita dreams for princess for him. Now, for the arrival of Inga, Gregory came to his aunt. Rita and Gregory open to Inga (living in a small university town) the favorite of life in New York. The day before Gregory leaving, Rita has unexpectedly grate business work with customer and she asked Gregory to spend all day with Inga. Gregory full in love with Inga, with her personality, education< elegancy (she returning to her form before coming to Rita) her beauty in spite of age. He invites her to take part in his project to make investigations about history of Russian emigration in USA. And write a book about this. (This text included in the attachment to novel.)... .
       Chapter 2
       Inga continues to be with Rita< who did not known about what happened between her nephew and Inga... Lina in Moscow at business trip. She meets son Alexei, to whom she reports about the proposal by Mike to be his wife and move with him to the United States. Become happy for mother, son, in response reports Lina shook t news. He decided to change the practical work of the doctor to engage in science and was offered a job in New York to the medical center. When mother asked him about girlfriend Ksusha, he says, he never promiser her marriage and he not so deep in love with her for that. Nonna" family established psychological comfort. Asia, satisfied with her life in New York, comes to visit her mother...
       Chapter 3 Inga at home alone. She works with text about comparative historical analysis different waves of emigration. Gregory some time visits this city in luxury hotel< invite Inga for the book discussion and confession in love. But Inga for one side looks on this as a life-saving, for another side as an unfair not perspective way to be happy.
       Chapter 4
       at some time Gregory (the same age as Inga"s daughter) at the end of the regular meeting in hotel, suggested Inga to divorce her husband and marry him. Alex already is in America. Lina before traveling to the United States to Mike meets Ksusha, which reports that she is pregnant by Alex. Asia calls Nonna, from New York and happily reports to mother that she met a wonderful man. In contrast to previous lover, he is not married, is clear and inspires genuine hope for good luck.
       Part Three
       Chapter 1
       Rita call Inga from New York to report tha she meet nice man and thee decide to marry in September. She invites Inga to come to them in wedding. She also informs Inga tha Gregory share with her his filing about his love.to Inga. It was big surprise for her but she just want for Gregory happiness .If it is his choose she will not against it... Asia calls to Nonna from New York, reporting that she pregnant by a loved one, but he should not know, because she does not want in any way to pressure him. No matter how developed a relationship with him, she would be happy to give birth to her long-awaited child.
       Chapter 2
       Lina, as Mike's wife, arrives in New York the day before his arrival here, from another state, where he lives. He gave Lina opportunity to spend some time with son Alex. Son Alex meets her in Airport brings her in a rented apartment. After a rest, Alex invites his mother to a restaurant to meet woman - his genuine first love. In the restaurant, in approaching son"s beloved, Lina finds Asia. Shock, ambulance .Her son in love with women who break her happiness 10 years ago... After Lina/s recreation, Alex explains her that after the death of his father, he found in his correspondence the photo with women which he never saw. And when he comes to New York, he unexpectedly meets these women at neighbor"s home. And he stat thinking about father"s secret, wanted to learn about this secret. He stimulate the friendship with Asia. It is born pure sympathy for each other, wich developed in to real love. And now he cannot imagine his life without her. Lina tells that Ksusha pregnant by him ... Alexei still does not know that Asia pregnant by him, but he resents by pregnancy Kcenia.
       Mike arrives/ He takes Lina to the most luxurious hotel in the heart of New York City, where they should be spend a few days prior to departure to his home for a new happy life. It is September 10, 2001. In the morning of the 11th, not wanting to disturb the beloved, he goes for short-term business visits to the World Trade Center...
       . Further subjects are a consequences of events occurred.
       Inga decides to put an end love affair with Gregory, no seeing the prospects of it. She's at the computer to write to him about it, and send all the work for collaborative book. But by pushing the wrong button, she lost the fail. But the text of emigration was saved in the Back up, (which in the book is given in the appendix).
       Lina by friends healp, received documents about will of Mike. She meets with Mike"s children from from his first marriage and they become friends. Before departure to Moscow she invite them to visit Russia. She gave to Alexey rights to choose with whom to be. But she very Love Ksusha and will do the best to support her to take care for future grandchild.
       Inga returns home from New York without any ideas what to do. In back yard she sits up on rocking chair. Soft rocking put her in deep dream which once more return her to the philosophical ship". But the dream is interrupted by warm husband"s hands, which tenderly strokin her shoulders.

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