Слободкина Ольга
End of October

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  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
  • Размещен: 30/10/2023, изменен: 30/10/2023. 0k. Статистика.
  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

  • End of October.
      My impressions 
    (apart from the nextest door neighbours,
      raging now and ever before) -
    the grass
      and the snow...
    The grass is still green,
      the snow lies in patches
       like tapestry...
    My worries about my kin
      don't subside...
    It is weird to be on your own.
    Shall I ever be rich?
    Will my great eye and pen
     bring me wealth
    or at least
      a welfare?
    I don't know,
     I don't know...
    Whatever is happening -
       these festivals, art shows etc. -
    would've seemed quite unreal
      a short while ago...
    World recognition?
      Yes, maybe...
    My works are like noone's
      and poems...
    While this game is just fun...
      The fun of an unfulfilled life...
    Oct.29, 2023

  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
  • Обновлено: 30/10/2023. 0k. Статистика.
  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

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