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Love your landscape

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  • "Learn your English
          as well as you can"                                
             from an English textbook
    Love your landcape
      as much as you can
       and in due time
        it'll bring you fame
    But never, my dear,
       think about your fame
        for the real enjoyment
         is the landscape itself
          and your love of it
    Only then
       you can partly feel
         the love and enjoyment 
           of its Creator
    So... try to be near Him -
      love the fresh air of spring
       and the tender buds,
        hear them sing
    They don't know
       how short their time will be,
        but they're happy
         and so you be
    *            *            *
    I'm getting chilled
       in the wind
        and the landscape has almost
         a Mediterranian feel
    But this is my imagination
       for the lack of a new wheel
        wheeling me far,
          very far
            where I've never been
    Only in my sleep and dream
       I can forget
         the depth of my regret,
          which is, indeed, deep
    The birds are flying above my head...
      What do they want to tell me?
       These birds are great!
    I've never seen such beautiful birds before,
       but maybe I think so,
        because I've been lacking impressions
         for over a year
          and even more -
           the pandemic is now our law...
    Darkness is coming down like...
       (not like a cat,
    although it's quite quiet)
       it's coming down like darkness
    Remember Бродский?
      "Холод похож на холод.
       Время похоже на время..."
    Эклога Четвертая. Зимняя
    All things immaterial are like themselves -
       Time, Eternity, Love...
    How can you explain,
      as well as your feelings...
    Another attempt?
       How much is left?
        I don't know...
    Here is one more spring
       And that is hope...
    *           *            *
    Я - в прозрачном воздушном шатре
       из тонких веток
        с кружевными новор`ожденными листьями
    (Пандемия не кончается, - есть ли конец? -
       но мы продолжаем жить...)
    При фотографи-
    они получаются
    хотя они
    И это неописуемо...
    Батареи садятся быстро...
       Самое красивое дерево мне не дается...
    3 мая 2021

  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
  • Обновлено: 03/09/2023. 2k. Статистика.
  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

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