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  •   for Breonna Taylor
      Dear Breonna,
      How many times, I ask,
       how many times
      have I chased the thought
       of writing to you,
      of catching the poem where
       it cannot leave,
      of knocking open the door to a grief
       we all hold, our hearts
      full of questions.
       We leave our houses to work,
      to look for what we need to live,
       or what we need
       to make the pain go away,
      and your voice rises:
       "Oh hell to the no,
      no he didn"t,
       Satan get behind me,
      whatever, whatever
       the hell you think you are."
      I imagine that in leaving
      all of us you said:
       "I am done
      I am let out into the world,
       breath I took in from it
      breath that I give back in love."
      May I see you in flight
      filling the space
       beyond clouds and stars
      where there is no need
       of sun or moon, where
      a grand city lives
       in prophecies beaten
      by the wheels of history
      where you are not invisible
       to ancestors who saw
      these long roads down through time
      to this one night in Louisville.
       Bright Angel,
      Luminescence, Woman Who Saved Lives
      in Emergency Rooms,
       Invocation of Heaven's Law,
      Living Song Riding
       the Eternal Dawn.
      These titles I summon from license
      given by Eternal Mysteries to hold you.
      Fly now, in the woven air of the saints.
      Copyright ? 2022 by Afaa Michael Weaver. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on February 23, 2022, by the Academy of American Poets.
      to be translated

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  • © Copyright Afaa Michael Weaver (
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  • Стихотворение: Перевод

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