Слободкина Ольга
Night in the park

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  • Another summer of my life...
      The old trees are going high,
        their trunks huge,
          the massive leaves
           are like thick dark-green whipped cream.
    The lit lanterns are beautiful,
      especially their vibration
        in the water.
          They're scattered all around the park -
            lightning bugs.
    Saying "When I was young"
      I'm mostly surprised.
    Youth seems to be recent.
      And life passes by very quickly...
    Although I'm not inclined 
      to say banalities right now.
    Have I ever been?
    The rhythm of this poem
      reminds me
    of the one
      written 20 years ago... -
     (20 years ago? Really?)
    where "the crows are croking"* -
      funnily I have to put myself in quotation marks -
      when I was fourty
    and at the peak of my creativity.
        (Who was fourty?)
    A lot of friends, my age,
        have passed away,
    especially men,
      but women too. 
    It's so strange.
      Whose turn is it now?
    Mine? Or not yet?
    The Evil Forces 
       have tested me up and down.
    Now I can see their work.
    However, they can't do anything
       if you don't accept their will.
    It's good to be in control.
      It's also good
        not to be ravengeful in your mind
         forgetting bad things,
           forgiving evil doers...
    It's great
      to be used by the Upper Invisible Forces
       for arts and poetry...
    People call it a talented person,
      but I don't do anything, really -
         ideas come by themselves...
    God knows where from -
      I don't...
    And yet I was chosen...
    The Blissful Forces have been with me too!
      An unspeakable moment of life...
    I don't want to be famous,
      I just want to feel this...
    Life of the flesh has an end
      leading to Death.
    Life of the Spirit is endless!
      The Prize is Eternal Life!
    My pleasure lies in the Spirit...
    Adherants of flesh can't understand it.
      Peace be with them...
    And we, 
       trekkers of the Paths of the Gorgeous,
         seekers of the Invisible,
          we shall go our way...
    Now most things are in the past,
      just in the mind...
    What is left?
    Whatever I've done
      does not seem to matter,
    except my sins,
      my experience small.
    I don't mean the sordid mundane experience, -
      I've never thought much of it -
       but the wanderings of the soul. 
    Death is a great experience, 
      I believe.
        I'm really curious...
    Life of the soul is much longer
      than this tiny stitch/strech on Earth.
    Yet it has to be worthy.
    Now that so little is left
      you have to be very particular
       about the slightest movement of your heart -
    being aware of Who you're with.
    Mosquitoes are biting
      the way they did
    when I was a small girl.
      The trees haven't changed either.
    Aug. 7, 2020
    *"The crows are croking" - from my poem: http://lit.lib.ru/s/slobodkina_o/howtodescribedoc.shtml

  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
  • Обновлено: 15/02/2023. 3k. Статистика.
  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

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